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Fine Arts

This Research Guide provides information about the fine arts (visual arts and drama) resources found in the CCCC libraries and online.

What are citations?

What are citations, and why do we need them?


quotation marks iconA citation is your way of telling readers how to find the information, data, opinions, and quotes upon which you based your paper. It gives your readers the information they need to locate the sources you used as evidence to back up your arguments, or the exact texts that you analyzed. 


A citation includes:

  • The Author's names 
  • The title of the work
  • Dates of publication
  • Information about the Publishing Body
  • the date your copy was published
  • Relevant information about location such as page numbers, and volume and issue numbers for articles from periodical publications

MLA Resources

What is MLA Style?

Paper and Pencil iconMLA stands for Modern Language Association. MLA style was created by scholars in the humanities and liberal arts to standardize writing in fields like English, History, and Art. 

MLA Citations Video