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This Research Guide provides information about economics resources found in the CCCC libraries and linked databases.

What data do you need?

What kind of data do you need?

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Cross-Section Data

Data gathered from a single point in time.  This can be a single data paint, or multiple points of data that you can compare.

For example: Selected Economic Characteristics from the 2015 American Community Survey link will open in a new window

Time Series Data

Data from a unit or group of units observed over time. This is usually used in macroeconomics, but studies in microeconomics may look at time series data for a specific household or company.

For example: The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics Consumer Price Index link will open in a new window

Best Bets for Accessing and Exploring Data:

Company Level Data

Do you need data about specific companies?

First, learn a little about the codes you'll need to use to research companies in any industry in North America.

Now that you know your codes, use them to search for company information in your chosen industry using these library resources!