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Faculty & Staff: Copyright and Fair Use: Creative Commons

A guide to copyright rules and regulations specifically for educators. This guide will walk you through the pitfalls of copyright and help you navigate the rules regarding Fair Use.

The Creative Commons allows creators to license their work for use by the public under their own terms. Not all works with a CC license are within the public domain. Make sure to check the license type for how the creator wishes for their work to be used. Logo Guide

"Creative Commons Licenses Infographic" by ricardo56 is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0.

An image found using Openverse .

"Creative Commons Man" by Mickipedia is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 2.0.

Healthcare Hero shared under a Pixabay License no attribution required

Found using Photos for Class.

Cover of Fawcett PublicationsMaster Comics, number 36, February 1943, featuring Captain Marvel Jr. Image is in the public domain due to lapsed copyright.

Found using Wikimedia Commons

Here are several websites you can use to find content with a CC license.

Openverse is the Creative Commons search feature. It is a an open source project between the Creative Commons and Wordpress.

Looking for music? Try CC Mixter or Jamendo

Photos for Class is an easy to search service full of images ready to be used in the classroom or a presentation. 

Wikimedia Commons is a volunteer run media file repository of audio, images, and video clips that are in the public domain or are freely licensed education materials. Below is a sample image from Wikimedia.