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ENG 112: Writing and Research in the Disciplines

This Research Guide provides information to help you complete discipline specific research in English 112 classes using resources from the CCCC libraries and online.

Literature Review: the Process

Take it step by step... 

Icon of a lightbulb1. Choose Your Topic.

Check out this guide's Choose Your Topic section to learn more about choosing a good topic for this assignment. 


Icon of a magnifying glass2. Search for scholarly articles.

Get tips for searching in this guide's Develop Your Search Strategylink will open in a new window section.

The articles you find should be: peer reviewed, relevant to your topic, and provide valuable contributions to the scholarly conversation surrounding your topic.  For more help with this, check out this guide's Evaluate sectionlink will open in a new window.

Icon of articles3. Identify the defining features of each article.

For each article you find, along with any specific requirements from your instructor, identify the:

  • Field (Psychology, Sociology, Political Science, etc.)
  • Methodology
  • Audience
  • Conclusions

Icon of gears.4. Analyze and Synthesize.

How do the articles you've found fit together?  Is one article "better" than the other?  Why?  Are their overall conclusions the same?  If not, can you draw a new conclusion by putting both articles together?

If you need help with any step along the way, talk to your instructor or schedule an appointment with a Librarian using the button below.

Use the worksheet below to help you stay organized as you gather scholarly articles for your Lit Review:

Library Lingo

Icon of a graduation cap


Discipline: A area of academic study.  Sometimes called a Field or Subject Area, this is a branch of knowledge that is taught and researched in higher education. Examples of common disciplines studied at CCCC include Psychology, Sociology, Veterinary Medicine, Allied Health and Biology.

Best Bets

What are the best Library Resources for this assignment?

Searching ProQuest Social Science

Find Social Science Articles

Access ProQuest Social ScienceLink will open in a new window to find scholarly articles in your field or discipline.  For help conducting a search in this resource, watch the tutorial video below.


An image of a Question Mark to designate the "Help" box.Need a little extra help?

Contact your librarian. 

Or use the links below to get more in-depth help and information.