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Leisure Reading at CCCC

This guide provides resources for leisure reading at CCCC, including resources for Summer Reading, reading recommendations, and library databases.


Cozy mysteries are often stories that center around a crime but do not feature excessive or explicit descriptions of violence, sex, and/or gore. The sleuths are often experts in their fields (bakers/chefs, baristas, bartenders, librarians, inn keepers, bookstore owners, etc.) or are considered someone "unexpected' or ordinary (for example: Miss Maple, the elderly yet shrewd old lady the Agatha Christie's Miss Marple series). These characters find themselves in a position in which they become an amateur detective, either to clear their name or to ensure justice. Many of the protagonists are women, and many of the stories are set in small towns with close-knit communities. 

The Queen of Mystery: Agatha Christie

Without a doubt, Agatha Christie is the queen of mysteries! Her novels often feature unlikely yet clever detectives, charming small villages, and masterful crimes. 

Culinary Mysteries

Culinary cozy mysteries center around food in some way, ranging from bakeries to tea shops to ice cream shops. The detectives are often those who have a passion for food and use their creativity in the kitchen to solve the crime. Many of these cozy mysteries also include recipes!

Mysteries Set in Bookstores & Libraries

A cozy mystery set in a bookstore or library features good books, friendship, and a celebration of reading. These cozy mysteries often make allusions to famous authors and interweave books as a critical part of solving the crime. 

Paranormal Cozy Mysteries

The best sleuths are often ghosts. Ever heartwarming and gentle, these cozy mysteries feature paranormal situations and/or characters. 

International Cozy Mysteries

Cozy mysteries are often set in small towns and villages, featuring next-door neighbors and close communities. The cozy mysteries in this section take the reader in globe-trotting adventures.