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Faculty & Staff: Linking to Library Resources

This guide demonstrates how to make stable links to library resources for distribution to your classes.

Introduction to Linking

Library Resources

The Library offers a wealth of online resources for you to use in your classes, including

Links to these resources can be used anywhere, including in your syllabus, in emails with students, or in Blackboard using the Create Web Link tool! See how to use Blackboard's Create Web link tool.

Stable Links with Proxy Linking

To ensure your students can access a library resource on and off campus, you need to use a link that includes our proxy prefix. The proxy server authenticates our users, allowing on campus access and prompting off campus users to log in through Blackboard. An proxy link looks like this:

Don't copy and paste the URL you see in your browser's search bar! This URL will not link students through our proxy and thus will not let them access the resource.

Finding Proxy Links

Each database company provides proxy links a little differently, so we have provided instructions for finding these links divided by company. To find linking instructions for your library resource:

  1. Look at the top of the screen on the resource you have chosen. Which company created the database?
  2. Select the company in the menu on this Guide.

Logging in Off Campus

Access the Library from anywhere using the CCCC Portal

CCCC Portal login screen

Off-campus users will now access library resources by signing in to their CCCC Portal account ( For questions regarding your Portal login, please contact the IT help desk at or at (919) 718-7397.

Search for Online Resources

Find Articles, eBooks, & Videos with Summon


Summon searches millions of online articles, books, and videos at once.  It provides immediate online access to peer-reviewed articles, popular magazines, newspapers, videos, and eBooks in one search!  Click on Peer Reviewed if you need scholarly or academic articles. Narrow by selecting full-text to find materials online.


Watch our 6-minute how-to video to see Summon in action!

Create Links in Blackboard

To add a link to a Blackboard course, first navigate to the part of your course where you'd like to add the link. Then hover over Build Content:

Screenshot of an instructor's view of Blackboard with a box around the menu item "Build Content."


Select "Web Link" from the drop-down menu. Paste in your EZproxy link in the "URL" blank (boxed in red below) and add a name for the link. Add a description if you wish, change any of the options, and click "Submit." Be sure to test the link from home to make sure that it works off campus!

Screenshot of an instructor's view of the Create Web Link tool in Blackboard with a box around the URL with a sample link filled into it.