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Computer-Integrated Machining

This Research Guide provides information about computer-integrated machining resources found in the CCCC libraries and online. Emphasis in Tool, Die, & Mold Making.

Online eVideos

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This video defines CAM, shows how a CAM system is integrated with a CAD system, and discusses background necessary for employment with CAM and the future of CAM in industry. (14 min.)

Blueprint Fundamentals: Blueprints are made up of highly-specialized notations that tell builders, machinists, electricians, engineers, and others exactly how items are assembled and what materials to use. Because they are needed to coordinate work across a wide spectrum of trades, learning to interpret these specifications is crucial. From a blueprint’s basic elements to the distinct features of construction, electrical, manufacturing, and machining blueprints, this program gives viewers a detailed primer on types of blueprints and how they are read. Students will see graphics that illustrate what is meant by basic, auxiliary, and sectional views; discover how CAD is used to create blueprints; and learn which career fields benefit most from blueprint training programs. (33 minutes)

Automotive Design: CAD/CAM Case Studies: This program looks at two examples of innovative automotive design that were created with the help of computer-assisted drafting (CAD) and computer-assisted manufacturing (CAM). In part one, a design student who won the prestigious Transportation Design Forum award for his “Tribe Car” explains how he invented the vehicle with CAD/CAM software. In part two, a Drew Price Engineering manager describes the development process behind DPE’s go-kart fuel tank, highlighting the advantages of using CAD/CAM instead of paper. A viewable/printable worksheet is available online. (33 minutes)