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HUM 110: Technology and Society

This guide will help you to navigate library resources for Humanities 110.

Assignments You May See

Take it step by step... 

Icon of a lightbulb1. Research your career.

An icon of a magnifying glass2. Gather Background Information.

Search for information about your chosen field in SummonAdd keywords to your search to learn about the effects of technology on the field. In addition to technology, some keywords to try include:

  • Disruption
  • Automation
  • Digitization

An image of a face with glasses.3. Engage Critically.

After learning more about your career field and potential changes to it, think about what this means to you as a future professional in the field.  Ask and answer questions about your role in the profession and how you might adapt with the industry.  

Take it step by step... 

Icon of a lightbulb1. Define threats to personhood

What is personhood? Supplement your course materials in this area by browsing some of the library's ebooks.

An examination of the literary history of the concept of "personhood" and the question of what it means to be human in the face of technological innovation.

An icon of a magnifying glass2. What about Technology?

Supplement your course materials with some background research on Technology. Check out some topic pages and reports on Science and Technology from the Library's CQ Researcher database.

An image of a face with glasses.3. Brainstorm and Synthesize.

Use a mindmapping tool like the brainstorming worksheet from the library (available below) to help you break the topic down into smaller sub-topics you're interested in exploring.