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HUM 120: Cultural Studies

This research guide is intended for students in HUM 120. It contains links and suggestions on resources related to world cultures and cultural studies.

Assignments You May See

Take it step by step... 

Icon of a lightbulb1. Choose your Pop Culture Item.

An icon of a magnifying glass2. Gather Background Information.

Search for movie, tv, or music reviews in Summonlink

  • Review: an evaluation of a piece of published or performed art or culture, such as a movie, music album, music performance, or tv episode. In addition to a critical evaluation, subjectively analyzing the merits or problems with a piece, an author may assign a rating to a work, indicating how good or bad it is when compared to other similar works.

An image of a face profile3. Engage Critically.

After learning more about your topic or item of choice, go back and watch or listen to it again, this time with a critical eye.  Ask and answer questions about the piece's cultural impact as you engage with it. 

Watching a Movie with a Critical Eye

This slide show from a teacher at the Columbus Academylink will open in a new window link will open in a new window will help explain how to watch a movie with a critical eye.