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Nature & Conservation

This guide focuses on nature and conservation of natural resources.

What is a Bee Hotel?

Bees are critical pollinators within the ecosystem, and sometimes, they need a little help along the way. One way to help bees is to provide a safe place for bees to rest and find shelter. A bee hotel does just that. According to the NC State University Extension, a bee hotel "[is] the insect equivalent of a birdhouse...these structures provide nesting spaces for certain solitary bees and wasps "(para. 1). Although bee hotels take work to maintain, they are amazing resources for bees and for conservation efforts. Check out this link to learn more about bee hotels and to see a few examples of what bee hotels can look like. 

All the Buzz about Bee Hotels

How to Build a Quick and Easy Bee Hotel

No Space for a Hotel?

A bee hotel can require space, time, and energy that you may not have at the moment. You can still participate in caring for bees and other pollinators with a small garden. This section contains resources on how to garden with bees in mind!