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This Research Guide provides information about nursing resources found in the CCCC libraries and online.

Continuing Education Modules from UNC

Instructions for Accessing Online Modules through the Training Website: 

These online modules are hosted on the North Carolina Institute of Public Health Training Website. To view the modules, you need to first register for a training website account.

  1. Read over all the information on each module's webpage, including the Objectives and References.
  2. Login to access the training.  *Please note that new users to the training website will first have to register to create a Training Web Site ID and Password. 
    1. * On the training module's webpage, click on the "Create an Account" link located at the top or bottom of the webpage.
    2. * Complete the "Create an Account" Form to create a training website ID and password, then you will be able to immediately use your training website ID and password to login the training. 
  3. Complete the training pre-test.
  4. Complete the training activity as instructed (Note: these are streaming presentations with interactive features. To advance through interactive features, click on the tabs or icons).
  5. Complete the training post-test.
  6. Complete the training evaluation form (you must complete to get a certificate).
  7. Print your certificate of completion for this training.