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Visual Literacy

This guide is an introduction to visual literacy.

Teaching Visual Literacy

Incorporating visual literacy strategies in your classroom, no matter your subject, is beneficial for students. Visual literacy and art encourage students to slow down, think critically, and identify evidence as they make arguments. Visual literacy reflects the theory of multiple intelligences. Essentially, visual literacy invites a variety of diverse-thinking students to participate in their own learning and experiences in active and meaningful ways. 

Teaching visual literacy in your own classes may feel very challenging, but there are many resources available to help you. Use this page to learn more about visual literacy strategies. You can also join us for library events about this topic; the links to these events can also be found on this page. 


To learn more about how you can incorporate visual literacy into your classroom, check out the books below:


The CCCC Library provides access to the database SIRS Issues Researcher. This database provides a variety of diverse resources, including a section on visual literacy. This tool provides a simple and accessible route for incorporating visual literacy into your classes. 

Teaching with Art