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Visual Literacy

This guide is an introduction to visual literacy.

What's in This Section?

Bright idea iconThis section is a collection of resources and recordings. The topics covered in these recordings range from research help with the use of visuals to copyright and fair use discussions. Notice the calendar to the left of the page. The visual literacy events on that calendar will often be recorded and stored here. 

Introduction to Art and Visual Literacy

The North Carolina Museum of Art and the CCCC Library collaborated to present a program that introduced participants to art, visual literacy, and research. The slides for this presentation can be found here

Mis/Disinformation and Memes

Memes are funny, shareable, and often highly communicative! And that's what makes them so useful in spreading mis/disinformation. This video covers the purpose and function of memes, the strategies for identifying mis/information, and ideas for preventing the spread of mis/disinformation.