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CCCC Archives & Special Collections: Welcome!

What are the CCCC Archives?

The Archives and Special Collections preserve objects that tell the story of CCCC and the three counties that we serve.

  • When and why was CCCC built? What did it look like? What was here before the college?
  • Who attended classes here? What was it like to be a student here?
  • Who taught here? What was it like to be an instructor here?
  • Who have our leaders been? What have they done to promote student success?
  • What kinds of academic and community programs have been offered?
  • What did the campuses, buildings, and classrooms look like?
  • How have we celebrated achievements?
  • What do we do together for fun, relaxation, and teambuilding?
  • What place does CCCC hold in the wider community?

We work to identify, describe, and arrange these materials in the physical archives room within the Lee campus library, as well as to make many of our archival materials available online.