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Diversity Guide

Resources to promote awareness of and conversation about different kinds of diversity.


Badger and Immesoete discuss ageism in the advertising industry and the challenge to keep older employees in the fast-paced digital world. Young people are valuable, but they need mentors. The rise in emotional storytelling provides an opportunity for the older and younger generations to collaborate.

This video uses animation to demonstrate common examples of age discrimination, the detrimental effects to people of all ages, and the implications on a manager's job for recruitment, training, team working, and motivation.

We’ve all heard the sentiment—that Generations X, Y and Z have grown increasingly self-absorbed from over four decades of nurturing and education based on boosting self-esteem. But how did we get here? This program is one man’s journey looking at the different generations, including their history, cultural identity, traits and trends, to find out how we arrived here. Young people have more freedom and independence than ever; but the culture of narcissism is nearly epidemic. Antoine Gaber dissects the very real collision between generational expectations and reality, and how to bridge this generational divide to move toward a better future.