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Diversity Guide

Resources to promote awareness of and conversation about different kinds of diversity.


RealChange director Sadhana Smiles talks about how gender equality at the highest levels benefits companies, how they can achieve this balance, and how women can push for higher positions.

What's preventing women from closing the gender gap in the world of work? Part 1 features Bloomberg experts Lisa Kassenaar, editor-at-large for Global Women's Coverage, and Greg Elders and Carl Riccadonna from Bloomberg Intelligence. Part 2 features US author Professor Anne Marie Slaughter. Part 3 features how businesses in Scandinavia are addressing the gender gap.

 Over the past 10 years, the importance of gender equality to promote development, innovation and economic growth has been widely recognized. All over the world, political leaders, corporations and international organizations have realised that sexism is not just wrong but also expensive. Gender discrimination, in the form of social norms and patriarchal value systems, is still at the root of the problem, and economists like Naila Kabeer are challenging this by exploring policies that can address these structural inequalities. A professor at the Gender Institute at the London School of Economics, Naila Kabeer has been engaged in teaching, research and policy advocacy in the field of gender and development for more than 25 years.  At Falling Walls, Naila demonstrates why gender equality will be a key condition for sustainable development – and how it can prepare the global economy for a more human-centred growth.