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This Research Guide provides information about mathematics resources found in the CCCC libraries and online.

Online eVideos

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Discovering Math: Mathematics is based on standard concepts and principals discovered centuries ago, but mathematical applications in the world today are infinite. In this video, explore how new strands of traditional mathematical branches are being continually developed to aid scientists, musicians, fashion designers, doctors, meteorologists, cryptologists, and more. Mathematics solves real-world problems and creates new standards in many fields of study.

A Gift for Math: Endowed with an elementary representation mechanism, the human brain is naturally predisposed toward mathematics. This program seeks to understand the biological basis of humankind’s "gift for math"—and why, beyond that baseline computational ability, some people are capable of scaling the highest peaks of mathematical comprehension. Experiments with animals, studies of very young children, cases involving patients with brain injuries, and analysis of brain imaging data are included. (52 minutes)