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This Research Guide provides information about mathematics resources found in the CCCC libraries and online.

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Find scholarly articles, eBooks, newspaper articles, and more in the databases linked below.  

These links will take you to high quality search engines that will help you find the resources you need.


Search Summon for access to articles and eBooks from over 100 different databases in a single search!


Search our catalog for books, DVDs, CDs, and more

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Sometimes you need material that can't be found online.  The Libraries at CCCC have booksmovies, and other media available for checkout.  Search for them below.

*Helpful hint: if you can't find the tile or author you're looking for in a CCCC Library, try selecting "All CCLINC Libraries" from the drop down menu to see if you can find it in another community college in North Carolina.  If so, we can place a hold and get the book for you in a few days!

How to read a catalog record

to quickly find a book, record the book title, call number, and location.

Library Lingo

Two Documents IconArticle: A single, usually stand-alone, piece of writing included in a larger collection, typically a magazine, journal, or newspaper.  When we talk about articles in the library, we're usually referring to scholarly or academic articles that disseminate the results of a study, experiment, or analysis.



Open Book IconJournal: A journal is a periodical (meaning published on a regular, on-going basis) collection of scholarly or academic articles, usually related to a specific subject area.




Interconnected Globe IconDatabase: A collection of information sources such as journals, newspapers, ebooks, or encyclopedias, that have been organized so that users can easily find, access, and use that information.  


Interlibrary Loan

Any book, any time, any where

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If you can't find what you need, don't give up!  We can get almost anything for you by borrowing it from another library!

Just fill out the appropriate form (article or book) below and we'll work our magic.  

If you're in a hurry and you want to know what's happening with your request, fill out the form for an ILL status check.


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Contact your librarian.