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COVID-19 Library Resources

Due to the impact of social distancing, we have added additional online resources to our collection to help you complete your studies this semester. Here is a list of new resources we have made available to you.

Helping Out

United WayUNC Health

Harnett Food PantryChatham Artists and Arts-Worker Relief Effort

We have a unique opportunity to help out in the midst of this crisis. However, some people take advantage of people's kindness. Several scams have been reported that are being run under the guise of non-profit or aid organizations. Whenever you are looking into supporting an organization make sure you research the organization itself. Is it a known organization with a long running reputation for providing aid and assistance? Do they disclose information about how they provide assistance? Can you find out how they spend their money? Non-profits are required to disclose their finances, so if you can't find information about the organization you are looking into, you will want to consider giving support to another non-profit. Below we have provided a list of organizations that are well known for the help they provide to our communities.

If you have further questions, reach out to us via chat or email at



Chatham County

Lee County

Harnett County

North Carolina